ATR42 & ATR72


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ATR42 72LiteAir has a window plug for every window position on the following ATR42 and ATR72 airplanes: ATR42-200, ATR42-300, ATR42-320, ATR42-500, ATR72-101, ATR72-102, ATR72-201, ATR72-202, ATR72-211, ATR72-212, ATR72-212A

General Description

The ATR42 and ATR72 window plug installation consists of an aluminum CNC machined outer window plug installed with either the existing OEM acrylic middle window pane or a lightweight spacer ring. This installation has no additional maintenance requirements over the existing OEM window plug. This installation does not require and has no provisions for the installation of a grounding strap, and all parts have Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and are certified via a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Detailed installation and maintenance instructions are provided for in service inspection and repair. The part numbers used at each location are shown below.

A LiteAir machined window plug part number LAP4015-1, maybe installed with either a spacer ring, LAP5012-1 or an existing OEM middle pane in any window location of the following aircraft. (See notes below for exceptions)

1) Lightweight window plug installation is not permissible in door locations on passenger airplanes. Lightweight window plug installation is permissible in deactivated passenger doors on airplanes in freighter or combi configurations.

2) Only install LiteAir Ice Window Plug LAP4015-3, in the following two positions on each side of the aircraft between FR20 and FR22, in line with propeller and immediately Aft. See Section 3.4 and 3.5 page 5.

Part Number

  • LAP4015-1 Main Cabin Window Plug  
  • LAP4015-3   Ice Window Plug
  • LAP5012-1   Spacer Ring      
  • LAP5012-3   Spacer Ring

Benefits of using lightweight window plugs:

Saves fuel: At today’s fuel prices the window plug installation can pay for itself in just over two and one half years.

Saves money: Lower component cost.

Easy to use: Simple as replacing a window.

Less installation time: The assemblies have been certified by FAA test to negate the requirement for a bonding strap which considerably reduces installation time.

Lower maintenance: All acrylic elements require frequent inspection. The use of the lightweight window plug eliminates the installation of the acrylic middle pane, therefore significantly reducing maintenance.

Proven reliability: All parts are PMA approved and certified via FAA STC and worldwide validation. To date there are more than 80,000 parts in service with a perfect service history.